UN Threadform Calculator for Windows

The UN Threadform Calculator for Windows is now available for $300(U.S.). In terms of using it to perform the calculations you want, it functions just like the calculator on the website. In fact, most people will find the output pages of the Windows calculator and the website calculator indistinguishable at first glance. The Windows calculator also includes the same help pages as the website. The advantages of the Windows calculator include:

No Internet Connection Required.
With a calculator on your computer, you don't have to tie up your phone line to do calculations. Also, a calculator on your computer is easy to use in work situations where access to the internet is awkward or impossible.
Fast Calculations.
When you use the calculator on our website, you have to wait for internet transmissions twice - first when you click the calculate button to send your input parameters to our site, and after our server does the calculations, you wait some more while the results travel back to your computer. This is eliminated using the UN Threadform Calculator for Windows installed on your computer.
No Advertising.
We may include contact information about bolt suppliers and manufacturers if you want this, but there won't be in-your-face advertising on the calculation pages.
Always Available.
You never know when excessive traffic will slow internet access to the point that the internet is unusable - not to mention potential problems with our server. (Not that we expect problems with our server, but you're not paying to use it, so there are no guarantees.) Also, unless we get some mammoth sponsorship to justify it, we don't expect to keep the fully functional website version of the calculator online for free use forever. We expect eventually to cut back the supported sizes to just one UN series at a time. Maybe one day a month we'll have the fully-functional version online.

We are not yet set up to take payments by credit card. You can propose any payment method you like, but the two most reasonable are: (1) electronic bank transfer, or (2) snail-mail a money order. We are located in Canada, so if you are in the U.S. your check (or cheque, as we say around here) or maybe even your money order could be a problem. If you are outside Canada, we recommend that you take delivery in the form of a cabinet file and an executable setup file sent by email. The two files together are just under 2 Megabytes. If you prefer that we send the program on CD, we can send it by mail or FedEx (not UPS, though, because we have found their service unsatisfactory), but we expect that this will not be the most convenient solution for you.

To arrange payment and shipping, send email to


The price is US$300 for each person who will use the software, assuming you opt for delivery by email. To protect our intellectual property, the program prints the name of the person who has bought the software ("from the desk of Xavier Chalmondersley", for instance) at the top of each output page. If you want to have the software on a single computer for several people to use, we only expect you to pay for one copy of the program, but be aware that every output page will have the same person's name on it.

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